Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pittsburgh Beauty Treatments

Here is a short clip of our Pittsburgh beauty treatments. Esther and I both got fancy nails and Esther got her hair did.

Yikes the grinding drill sounds of the nail tool makes my hair stand on end. The nails were nice and ladylike at first, but soon I felt like my fingers couldn't breath and I couldn't pick things up or do art stuff. SO not good. I had to get them OFF!!

It turns out the only way to get the dang things off is by soaking your fingers in acetone for 30 minutes. HORRIBLE!!! While I was soaking all I could think about is the bad chemicals seaping into my skin and growing cancer nuggets. Beauty shouldn't be dangerous right? What other stuff do we do that is soaking chemicals into our system? Does anyone care? What about all that hair spray? That can't be good to breath in. Oh my! I never really though about it before.

My nails still aren't the same. You can see the little dent in my nail bed where the fake nails were adhered. Esther said her nails are fragile and thin and breaking too. Just a little more growth and my nails will be fresh and not damaged. Beauty is a bitch!

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Leslie Jay Bosch said...

Hey Martha,
I am loving your beauty blog. Fantastic idea for a road trip and I imagine a good way to get to know the people you meet along the way. Very inspired! You are beautiful!
Best wishes,
Leslie Jay