Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last Day in Beauty City

It is our last day in Paris, a most beautiful city! We'll be leaving tomorrow morning very early. Despite the wonderful time we have had here, I am feeling a bit homesick. It'll be nice to be able to use my cell phone again, although it has been good for me to not be obsessively checking things. I should learn from this. It'll also be nice not to feel like a big dummy when trying to converse. Je voudrais un vert de vin rouge is all I can muster. Oh and... bonjour, bonsoir, et merci madames ou monsieur, can't forget those. Dang that's it! I need to learn a new language.

I'd like to say we discovered some earth-shatteringly new about beauty from the French, so far not yet, maybe we will, it might come to me later. There is still time. I saved going into one of the Pharmacies here for today. They seem to have magical creams and lotions in them, we'll see what happens. Maybe there will be a cream to cure wrinkles? Or maybe I should just leave my wrinkles alone? I'll let you know once I go in, what things I find.

Here are some random images for now. The picture above is from a beauty shop across the street from our hotel. They have red velvet stanchions and a guard outside the front to keep the riff-raff out. Each of the heads (there are many adorning the building) has a rainbow sheen when you walk past. Very fancy! I would be scared to go in though. Intimidating rainbows and beauty guards.

This is a crepe-making man. He looks super pissed to be making crepes. There definitely should be crepe stands in Pasadena. So good, yummy and simple. Why not? Hey how about a crepe truck? Tacos and crepes! Culture merge.

McDonald's in Paris is not beautiful. Supposedly there is free wifi in all McDonald's, but I just couldn't bring myself to go in. It seems like it would burn to set foot in Micky D's, like a vampire and holy water. Just not right, you know? I also counted FOUR Starbuck's in the Latin Quarter. NOOOOOO!

Not sure who these guys are on the brownie yogurt packages. I am guessing soccer players. Soccer players really make me want to eat brownie-flavored yogurt. The packaging here is CRAZY. Esther has been going to the super markets every day. So very different from Von's. She has found some fantastic things. So anyway this is just a taste. I have MUCH more to share once I get back home.


Ellen said...

Yay! Paris!
Thierry Henry, the star of those packets of dairy delight, would define 'beauty' for a lot of people...across Europe he is renowned for his elegant soccer skills and general comeliness. He is particularly beloved in France as part of the team that won the '98 World Cup. Willy Sagnol is currently his teammate on the French national team - not as big a star, except perhaps in the world of brownie-flavored desserts. Thanks for the photo!

hamchat said...

Love this blog and your observations; also having the BeautyMobile live with us for a week. It is amazing where it (and you) have gone, and what the next week holds... well, I'll be reading it every day. Such a great idea!