Monday, September 1, 2008

I am a walking cliche

OK so Paris is fricking BEAUTIFUL! I said it. Sooo cliched I know. The light is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the architecture is beautiful, the food, the breezes, the language, even the wine is beautiful. Damn. I wanted to be original, discover a pimple on the legend, but so far I can't. Well maybe here is one.

I have seen a lot of graffiti mostly bad, but there was some beautiful graffiti out near the airport that you can see from the train into the city. They used unusual colors. Lots of pinks and yellows. Very different from L.A. and NYC.

But back to beauty, what I have noticed about the women is that they look fresh and clean, minimal, natural beauty. Maybe there is a part of town where people are prone to heavy blue eyeshadow, penciled-in eyebrows, dark black eyeliner and frosty pink outlined lips, but I haven't been there yet. I'd like to go there, but as of now I have only been in the 6th and 7th arrondisements.

The men are put together and handsome, young and old, even though many are smoky smoky. No slobs in the lot. It appears effortless. Granted I am only seeing the surface. I don't know if there is a different attitude about beauty. I have noticed just as many wrinkle cream ads and beauty treatment places as the U.S. and there are the usual women's magazines with skinny glamourous models everywhere. Tomorrow I will be meeting new people and maybe I can find out more. Dig a little deeper. For now here are some pictures.

Our waiter pouring Kir Royales at Les Deux Magots to go with my croque monsieur. Touristy but quite nice.

This light is at 9:30 pm! Unbelievable.

The people at the end of the road had their giant window wide open so you could peak into their home.

A strange mannequin in a window.

I thought these were soaps, but they are macaroons. Who knew? Even the cookies are beautiful. Jerks! OK that graffiti was probably by someone from the U.S.

I am going to rent one of these tomorrow. My feet are already killing me. I am wimpy. Here is something funny. I am watching Fatal Attraction in French, trying to figure out what they are saying. Je ne seront pas ignorés!


Cathy said...

Oh - Paris looks magnifique!
Next time - I'm going with!

olive said...

Bon séjour à vous!