Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We are all the same on the whole for sure

I have had more time to hang out in Paris, but still haven't met a lot of Parisians so my thoughts are based on walking around with a bunch of Americans. Not that that is a bad thing. So my take as of day three is, people here are stunning, but they must have the same hang ups as us. I base this on the amount of flaw-correcting places I have come across strolling dans les Rues.

Suck in that gut and get some booty junk all up in your grill.

Brussez les dentes 90210 style.

Kick it lice. This is so NOT American. American's would never admit to lice.

That dude don't need nuttin. And you ain't gonna look like that with a laser on ya. That's for sure.

Please stop smoking. Yes.

See, they want lift too.

One good thing is that the naked boob is not something to be shocked by. I still can't understand the mindset behind all the fear of boob in the U.S. Boobs are good!

OK so I'll stop. Trying to meet some real French people for the real scoop. Sorry there is no art. I did not bring my scanner over here.

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shaunna said...

Hokey Smokes you guys are in Paris?! WOW! C'est manifique!
Yeah, you know what's weird about the boob thing is that it seems to really just boil down to the nipple. Even when my art has been in tattoo mags, they airbrush out the nipples. I don't get it.