Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trust me your flaws ain't that bad

How come the minute I got back to L.A. I felt all blobby and ugly and awkward? Maybe cause I just spent a month eating and drinking my way across the country and only went running once. But dang, I didn't think that way while on the trip. On the trip I enjoyed every day as it came at me and didn't get all negative thoughty-like. I am going to get those feelings back. Just have to work at it.

Not surprisingly, during our trip we found that most people are obsessed with their own perceived flaws. They see bad things in themselves no one else notices. This is what leads to spending lots of moola on creams and lotions and getting people to operate on you or inject botulism into your head. No judgements, I am the worst when it comes to creams and stuff. Anyway I drew my perceived flaws.

This made me feel all bad so I decided I should do the opposite. This was much nicer and made me feel better. Doing the opposite of negative thinking really does make you feel good. I am practicing this from now, thinking positive first instead of thinking bad first. Below is a drawing of my good stuff.

Remember this, no one sees your flaws but you and if someone does point them out then they are being crappy and who cares what crappy people think.

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Fresher than Fresh said...

I just have to post here, because these are things I probably couldn't say to your face. Not in a bad way!!! It might just be a little too sappy. But I assure you, it is all sincere.

I completely agree with the notion that you see certain qualities in yourself that no one else notices...and that other people see qualities in YOU that YOU don't notice.

So, if I have you pinned like I think I might (based on our brief meeting), this will probably embarrass you a bit because you are a humble lady.

But if anyone else out there wonders what the illustrator is like behind this kick ass work, I feel obligated to give them my take, having been lucky to cross your path in person. Because I am always curious what the person is like behind the work that I admire, I just assume everyone else is too!

I made a small list of the qualities that I remember about you below. They may not be the usual suspects, but I definitely think they have everything to do with beauty.

- Your eyes are smiley, sparkly and mischevious...like you are always up to something.
- You're not afraid to hug someone you just met for the first time. That is a beautiful thing.
- You have what a friend of mine calls a sh*t-eatin' grin. It is as though you have a constant stream of witty thoughts in your head, yet you gracefully let them out at the right time. You don't dominate a conversation...even though I have a sneaking suspicion that you have plenty of material and could if you wanted to.
- You're one of those people that has a cloud of good energy floating around them...and it kind of stays there for a while after you leave.

I know, I know, you just can't take it anymore!!!!

But I think everyone should hear how they REALLY appear to the outside world vs. the mirror.

It was truly nice to meet you, Ms.Rich. Thanks for leaving that 'happy cloud' in my kitchen. >:)