Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nails: Pros n' Cons

Hey we are on the 2nd to last day of our trip. YAY. Yesterday we had an AMAZING time in Kansas City, which I will get to later. I want you to know that this blog will go on despite the trip ending on Saturday. There is so much stuff we have not shared. It won't be in order, but who cares? Right?

OK so I got these nails in Pittsburgh. I am not sure how I feel about my hot pink, sparkly, airbrushed lady nails, so I thought I'd write down the pros and the cons of these dang thangs.

Kinda pretty
Good for scalp massage
Guys will open things for you
Scratching stuff is easier
Makes typing hard so people won't ask you to do it (this would be a con if you like typing)

Hand puppets on your hand is way cuter

Pointing is more dramatic
Makes nice tapping noises
Express your individuality through airbrush n' color!
Not good for hard labor so don't do hard labor
Picking a Uke is so rad with fancy nails

You can't open Slim Jims
Lady like
Holding things looks nicer

Can't open stuff
Grabbing things is not easy
Zippers hard
They get caught on stuff and bend backwards. Yow!
Food gets stuck under
Can't perform surgery
Can't dial cell phones
Typing hard (could also be a good thing)
Makes you a little helpless
Lady like
Nose picking impossible and GROSS
Even though you look cool picking the Uke, the sounds aren't good
Contact lenses impossible to take out
Nails can't breath
OB Tampons (ewww) I won't explain (not my bag)
No teeth picking
Slows down the digging thru purse process
Painting ruins them
Makes it looks like you don't work hard

So I don't know. What do you think? Is it more beautiful to have lady nails or can I go back to normal?


Bobbi said...

I say... if you're going to wear lady nails, you have to go full tilt. Little swashy pink things are for sissy girls. You have to glue on rhinestones and use some sort of glitter polish. And they should be long. They mesmerize men and also look good when eating corn dogs or any other type of food you find at a County Fair.

meighan said...

i am totes jel. although i feel your pain in the cons area. about ten years ago (lord almighty, i can't believe it's been that long) i had 'tips'. i was so proud of them, i got them airbrushed electric blue & silver with glitter slashes. ahhh, i remember those nails like an old friend. BUT you gals are so right...they're gross after a while plus, they are so expensive for the upkeep. mmmhuh. work. it. out.