Sunday, August 31, 2008

There is a french lady in my room

This painting overlooks my bed in Paris. I thought the wifi was going to be free at my hotel but it is not, so my blogs will be few and far between until we get back to the states. 5 euros for 45 minutes. Je suis whatever. UPDATE: I will find some spots outside the hotel and keep the blog up. So far everyone I have seen outside is beautiful. I am feeling insecure. Oh my.

This is us trying to be beautiful on the RER train after flying on the lovely red eye to Charles de Gaulle. So very perty and fresh.

One of my two windows overlooking Le Rue de Tourville. My room is very pink.

This is the view from my room. I am going to stop now before my 45 minutes are up and go get some bread, wine and cheese. Trying so hard not to go to sleep right now. I need to get on Paris time. Will report more on French beauty later this week.


anne said...

Hi !

found you through an article on etsy and I just wanted you to know that there are plenty of free wifi spots in Paris. (I live there).

You can find some in public places like parks and public libraries. Those are installed by the Mairie (town hall).

Paris Wi-Fi

They have about 400 spots at the moment.

You can also find some spots in a lot of caf├ęs and bars.

Found you a website for that.

The website in in French but they have a map.

Plus I am pretty sure you will find more...

Have a nice stay !


Martha Rich said...


Thank you SO much for that info! I should have researched this better. If you know of any good fun restaurants or places to go that aren't too touristy let me know! Tomorrow I should be no so tired.