Sunday, August 17, 2008

Everyone in Marfa has a Chainsaw

We knew we were near Marfa when we saw the fake Prada store. It is all spooky and full of gunshots and vandalism. I could feel the spookiness and got the willies. It was dark and my mind got all Blair Witch.

Finally arrived in Marfa at 11:45 pm yesterday at the Thunderbird Lounge to this:

This was a band from El Paso and there were a million kids who followed them to Marfa. It was so L.A. which was random as we are trying to get away from L.A.ness. Luckily, we met up with Rachel and Buck and Camp. They are people from Marfa who know Esther. We interviewed Buck and some of the El Paso kids who thought we were totally uncool and lame. I like being uncool and lame. Much less pressure.

Next we headed over to Buck and Camp's place for some vino. Amazing house next to a renovated Church that Camp uses for a studio, there was scintillating conversation and chewing on some random leaves from South America?? This is where we came across our first chainsaw.

OK so now it is 2:00 or 3:00 am and the Marfa folks are tired and need sleep. Back to Rachel's pad where we were staying. She was so nice and went to someone else's house to stay so we could all have a bed. (People have been incredibly generous). She has a groovy front porch with couches and a chainsaw! I see a chainsaw and the first thing I think is MORE WINE. Sitting on a porch couch, wine flowing, empty darkness all around, weird animal noises, branches breaking "out there" mind in Blair Witch UFO alien abduction mode equals freak out! Finally could sleep at about 4:30 am (hey we are still on cally time man). It was the most surreal night I have ever had. Frickin awesome and we have it all on tape. YES!

So two houses, two chainsaws = all people in Marfa have chainsaws. Love IT!!!

Esther will be posting soon. We have been going NON-STOP. Haven't had much time for art yet, just interviewing, photographing and doing sketches in my journal. Esther is doing some awesome drawings. We might need to slow down. So more will be coming. YAY.


Shorty said...

there is something very cool about woman and chain saws...i can't put my finger on it...

Betsy said...

a few weeks ago I came home and my boyfriend had hung a chainsaw on the wall of his bedroom. It smelled a little bit like gas in there. It reminded me why I loved him in a big way. He told me he hung it by the bed "because there was no other place for it." I love being from small town America and returning to live here after living in the big city during my twenties. i love it how a chainsaw here is just a chainsaw. An innocent everyday tool rather than a hyped hollywood torture device.