Thursday, August 28, 2008

Confidence Cream

Confidence cream is good but confidence cream with FREE RADICALS is better! YAY I finally did some art. Got more coming.

So back to our trip. After New Orleans we went to Atlanta and had a tremendous beauty day as you can see from our Hollywood Shots. I don't wear a lot of make-up so it was weird to be coated with the stuff. To be honest, I felt freaky and thought it made me look older. I am back to normal now.

This is my friend Cathy, we have known each other forever since our 20s. She got her make-up done too. I don't think any of my friends need make-up. This is her without the make-up at Sun in My Belly. This is a good place for lunch. We met a bunch of great people in Decatur. Got some wonderful interviews.

I took a picture of some gowns at the North Dekalb Mall. We stayed two nights in Atlanta because we were sick of driving. So the next day it was a POWER drive to Philadelphia. The states were whizzing by. Stopped in Virginia. Below is a bathroom in a truck stop. Had to buy a romance novel on CD cause we were going crazy in the car. The CD is brilliant. Desert Rain. We'll have some sound bites for you later. Can't wait to find out if Linc and Holly do it! Two more CDs to go.

Got to Philly late. Fast and furious. Not much time. Hung out with my pop and step mom. I had wine and cheese with Matt Curtius, Gina Triplett and Mike Miller. Beautiful people.

Got up. Left Philly. Hey I am in long-story-short mod, buzzing on a latte. Speedy. On to Lenox, Massachusetts to visit Blue Q. Spent a lot of time on the Turnpike. Here are some women primping in the bathroom. Men, this is a glimpse into the world of the ladies room. Holla! The magic happens here.

We liked this girls nails.

I'll tell you about Lenox later. Gotta get off the computer and go swimming in the cold Maine ocean.


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