Thursday, August 21, 2008

We want to hear from you

If we can't interview you in person we'd love to hear you answers to the questions we have been asking.

Tell us your name, what you do, your age, and where you are from and answer the question "What is your idea of beauty?" in the comment section. Send us a picture too if you want!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Esther and Martha,
Today's comments confirm what I suspected would be happening to you on this trip. You are having a life altering experience within this very cool project! It is very easy to think badly of the entire human race with what goes on in the world today.
It just so happens that I have had an enlightened morning taking my daughter over to meet her kindergarten teacher and see her new school. Everyone - teacher- parents-kids - and the level of dedication demonstrated by the teacher and parents restored my faith in humanity. I'm not going to get totally carried away, but that is not a response I have every day.

I see beauty in the open, accepting nature of 5 year olds, and in their unending enthusiasm to make a new friend.

Beautiful in the 'Burgh,