Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yay Internet

We're at the Brown Recluse in Marfa eating breakfast burritos and they have free wifi. Super.

So we are having an incredible time and it is only day threee. We have interviewed about 6 people so far. I could post about 1000 pictures but I am sure you don't want to see our major slide show.

We got to Tuscon around about 9:00 pm and were treated to a nice home cooked meal by Robert and Margaret Brucato. Excellent. Good interviews. Very tired after dinner and vino.

Esther and I got up and ran in the desert uphill in the morning. Sweaty. Left Tuscon and headed to Marfa, TX. On the road we saw and airplane graveyard, a scale that in addition to weighing you gives you todays lottery numbers and a personal message.

Brief Summary: We got off the 10 and drove through the power plant land of Arizona, nuclearness. Went over a cool Footloose bridge (see movie), hung out in plaster Jesusville, and best of all saw the THING! We know what it is but you don't and I ain't tellin. I would highly recommend stopping in NM to see the weirdest museum of the world, home of one of the rarest pieces on earth, BEYOND PRICE!

We'll get to some beauty this week. Esther is doing some amazing drawings. So more art is coming. Our interviews are going well. Please stay tuned and be patient as we have intermittent wifi in Texass. I will try and get one of those travelling internet card thingies so I can do this more of the moment.

Teaser: Our evening in Marfa was a memorable one. DANG! Crazazy, irritating word but good description of our evening at least for us.

Sorry this is super rushed. We have to get to Comanche by 3:00. Texas is a Huge ass state.

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