Monday, August 18, 2008

Texas is Man Land

The whole time Esther and I have been in Texas we have been searching for a beauty shop so we could stop in and say hello and do some interviews. We haven't had much luck. What we found is that every town has a pawn shop, at least one BBQ, a truck dealer, a place called Guns n' Gold or something similar, a taxidermist/deer processor, an auto body shop and a tractor sales place. No beauty shops.

Granted we have been traveling through small towns, but it seems like the beauty is done off the beaten path out of view from the main roads maybe in someone's home. With all the large pickup trucks passing us, we decided that Texas is Man Land. Here is some of what we have seen:

Not that beauty is only a feminine thing. It was a start for us and we were surprised to find so few beauty salons on our route. I actually think a lot of the manly stuff is beautiful. Here are the few feminine things we did discover:

We'll be uploading some more stuff tonight and tomorrow morning. Thanks for looking.

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