Thursday, August 21, 2008

I don't hate people anymore: Part I

Finally have a moment to myself and internet access at the same time. YAY! On occasion I am known to get a little cranky and hate on people in general. People can do such sucky things, you know? You can get caught up in it. Maybe this comes from living in L.A. I don't know. But anyway, this trip is giving me something good. I am remembering that people also do A LOT of unsucky things too.

We have been asking the people we meet what their idea of beauty is. Instead of answers about physical appearance, we are getting something else. So far the people we have met don't care about how you/they look. They think beauty is your story, how a bat flies, chasing a solar eclipse, or your big nose. Cliche yes. Maybe no one wants to admit they have superficial thoughts. Probably a little. I love that it has been so touchy feely groovy so far. We really are making friends. Every interview starts off as strangers and ends with a hug. But I am also ready for something meaty.

Heck, I'll admit it. I am interested in the superficial. I've got me some yummy insecurities and I want to know more! So today we are going to do a little beauty day in Atlanta and we'll see what happens. But for now I'll catch up on the trip so far.

After we left Marfa we headed over to Waxahachie, TX to visit Bruce and Julie Webb, owners of the fantastic Webb Gallery. You must go there! Here is a little jewel for you to enjoy:

Here are some things in the store:

When we interviewed Julie she told us her idea of beauty was the Murphy family. Perry Murphy was the first person to come into their store when they opened and she has been friends with their family ever since. He is an artist who creates these amazing hats and vests from found objects and wears them around town. There are 7 siblings but we mainly hung out with Perry and his brother David. David has made this crazy cool cart with sirens and lights and radios.

This me and Esther looking at Perry's collection. That's David on the left.

This is on of Perry's vests.

Perry in one of his cool hats and below is a clip of David's cart.

So after visiting with the Murphy's we had a delicious lunch with the Webb's (homemade fish tacos that were the best I have ever had) and interviewed them. Esther will writing more about that later.

Part II coming tomorrow.

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Joe Rocco said...

The Webb Gallery looks frickin' cool! I gotta go there next time I get back to the Motherland.