Thursday, August 21, 2008

I don't hate people anymore: Part II

Left Waxahachie and headed out to Austin. Stayed at the Austin Motel. We appreciated the unusually shaped sign.

In July, Mark and Esther met some guys from Austin (Zack and Justin) at Comic-con. We looked them up and they took us to Sam's BBQ for brisket and sausage, brisket and sausage piled HIGH on the plate.

Below is a picture of Zack with lemon cake. He nabbed the last dessert (but shared it). He thinks girls with slightly crossed eyes are beautiful. That made me happy.

BBQ is a beautiful thing. You have to be a BBQ artist to do it right. There is love and obsession involved in good BBQ. Sam's was a beautiful place, felt like someone's home.

After we ate, we worked up the courage to talk to strangers about beauty. There were a bunch of people in Sam's and I just went up and asked. They were completely open to being interviewed. We talked to Brian, Ashley, and Aisha. They talked about inner beauty and respecting women. We'll write more about this later. It was a perfect day.

Didn't want to call it a night after the sausage so we headed over to some random place called Doc's and met up with Andrew Bakowsky (one of our students visiting home on break) and Randy from Yard Dog Gallery. Justin came too. This is where we found out that Justin used to work for Glamour Shots. Esther can tell you more about that. She found out the best poses for looking glamourous.

So there is a whole lot more coming. When we get to Maine I am going to be finally be able to do some art. YAY. Looking good!

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Joe Rocco said...

God I miss Austin. Maybe Max will do a road trip with me. Y'all, I miss the smell of jalapeno peppuhs in the morning.