Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Countdown to Beauty Road Trip

Esther Pearl Watson and I are setting out on a road trip across the country on August 15 to interview people about their ideas on beauty. We are going to record, film, photograph, draw and paint what we find and who we meet.

Earlier this year we applied for a research and development grant to create a multi-media exhibition on this topic and we got it! I will be letting you know how it is going through this blog. Our trip ends on September 12. After that we'll give you updates on what will happen next. So stay tuned please....This should be groovy and fun and interesting. I hope!



Fascinating!...really. I would love to participate in your project.
I am currently working with a Make up artist, filming an on-line interview show called 'Inside Out' speaking of beauty from the ...inside out. TERI

Martha Rich said...


Tell me more.


fishlab said...

Yo, I hope this isn t just for the "ladies"?! Did i see Paris on your itinerary? Your trip looks super interesting so far. Great thing you all are doin. How about giving some roadkill a makeover?:)
A road-trip is the best way to get to know a country and your "self" and your friend...and BEAUTY dammit. Post your music playlist. Stay lovely.

James F.