Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unique is Beautiful

The more we interview, the more we find that people celebrate uniqueness and find it refreshing. And why not? We are Americans. Individuality is a major part of our ideology. Most people we meet, school teachers, PTA parents, shop owners, young kids, all consider themselves non-stereotypical. They don't look like slim white models in magazines, and we haven't met a individual yet who wants to or finds that their idea of beauty. But the stories we have heard are filled with people like ourselves, dealing with the twists and turns in life. We have heard from a breast cancer surviver that "asymmetry is beautiful" and from a kindergarten teacher that "choices I have made, right or wrong, lead to a beautiful child."

Justin from Austin, Texas told us stories of when he worked for Glamour Shots. He said many people used their photos for online dating. He had three poses for his clients: thumbs in belt loop, bed sheet with rose petals and portrait with hand under chin and eyes gazing off camera. Then he could clone the clear skin spots all over the person's flaws. He said, it was as if the photos were trying to fool everyone. "Beauty isn't looks, it's what you're about." Justin said.

That is what I am learning from this trip. People find each other's differences comforting, reassuring and real.

Ayisha from Austin, Texas said, "If you have a flaw you should accept it and embrace it. That's a beauty mark."

Martha and I are staring to feel a transformation in our beauty road trip. Here's the big message I am hearing over and over:

Be honest, be yourself and embrace your life experiences with confidence. That is what people will find beautiful.

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