Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beautiful Women are Beautiful

We have heard from several people that women are beautiful. Martha's been told her eyes are beautiful. "Honey! Are those contacts?" And we've been told WE were beautiful. It's always good to flatter the person holding the microphone.

We have taken lots of pictures of depictions of beauty in women and the female form. Here are a few from Webb Gallery in Waxahachie, Texas:

Brian from Sam's B.B. in Ausitn, Tx said "Women are beautiful because of the way they bring life. Respect all women. Think about your grandma. Gotta go back to the grandma."

James, "The Artists", caricature artist on the Jackson Square in New Orleans. "Beautiful women with character. If you don't have no character, you don't have life. No matter how ugly you are or how pretty you are, God created us in his own image."

Bruce Webb who said "Beautiful women are beautiful" also pointed out "You have to have something hideous to recognize something beautiful. You need polarity. There is also beauty in things that are not beautiful."

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Ariella Villa said...

my salon and i are really looking forward to seeing you ladies again at the webb.really loving the beauty road trip! -ari